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Kaspersky EDIR Optimum

Historically, the traditional endpoint protection platforms operating in preventive mode with no dedicated analyst involvement have been sufficient to address the majority of threats. Nevertheless, regarding more complex and evasive ones, the malicious activity in the best case can be flagged as suspicious, leaving the final decision at the hand of a security specialist, which may not be present in the company at all.

Key takeaways from IDC, Endpoint Security 2020:a

A weak EPP solution will destroy the value of an EDR tool
People and time thus become the new ROI metric for EDR tools

Kaspersky EDIR Optimum

The new approach to cyberdefense

As cybercriminals specifically craft their attacks by using the fileless malware, obfuscation techniques and legitimate system-native tools (e.g., Powershell, WMI, PsExec) to bypass endpoint protection, corresponding defensive approaches must evolve as well.น์ โน้มน้าว

Mass-market designed to lighten security workloads

EDR Optimum is developed in such a way that it allows to significantly decrease the minimum required level of security expertise by offering your IT engineers a simple highly-automated tool with ability for a root cause analysis with visualization of attack path,

Boost your endpoint defenses

What if we would have leveraged the power of our flagship Kaspersky Endpoint Security by consolidating its multilayered defense techniques, including and not limited to behavior-based protection, exploit prevention and cloud-based reputation with Detection

'Democratizing' previously costly activity with EDROptimum

As the pioneer of multi-defense endpoint approach. Kaspersky layers its EDR Optimum with the endpoint protection platform to assist the organizations to look at all suspicious activities more holistically

Key features and benefits

* Automatic detection and response
* Attack visualization.
* Auto-generation
* In-depth dynamic analysis.
* A range of response actions


  • A single solution combining the power of EPP and EDR

  • Native integration with Sandbox

  • Easy to operate with a single management console (cloud or on­ premise)

  • Minimal involvement of security analyst
  • Low cost of ownership
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