Tier 0 Storage, Zero Compromise

Businesses are in the midst of an IT transformation. Every second saved means spending more time running the business and less time managing data. Flash changed the storage game with sub-millisecond latency, but next generation applications continue to push the performance boundaries that these all-flash arrays can provide. To address the needs of these applications, enterprises need a new generation of enterprise storage that provides unparalleled performance without compromising security, protection, scalability, availability, or efficiency.

Dell EMC PowerMax is the world’s fastest storage array1. It delivers new levels of performance and efficiency with a future-proof architecture that features end-to-end non-volatile memory express (NVMe) and a built-in machine learning engine. PowerMax is built on the comprehensive functionality and proven resiliency of Dell EMC’s flagship storage platform. It provides six-nines of availability, data-at-rest encryption (D@RE), massive scalability, and best-in-class data protection, including Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF), the gold standard in remote replication.





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